Finance: Primärer und sekundärer Markt

In der Finanzwelt und der dazu gehörigen Literatur wird oft mit Begriffen hantiert, die jeder zu kennen vorgibt. Aber weiß auch wirklich jeder, was es mit dem primären un dem sekundären Markt auf sich hat?

quote“A primary market deals in issues of new securities, which include government bonds, local authority bonds, and shares in new public corporations. Among the most active market participants in underwriting and distributing new issues are merchant and commercial banks and investment firms. … Primary markets are concerned with the raising of new funds for ultimate borrowers, new funds being raised by various methods including the sale of shares, Treasury bills, commercial bills and bonds.


A secondary market deals in financial securities that have already previously been issued, which means that the issuer of the asset does not receive any proceeds from the sale of the security. The secondary market is nonetheless important to the original issuer. The price of an issuer’s shares non the secondary market will indicate the value of the company, and this in turn will help to indicate how the market would respond to any rights issue by the company. The secondary market is also vital for investors as it provides the liquidity enabling them to sell their shares. (Pilbeam, 2005: 30-32).