ZdT: Milton Friedman: Liberalismus und Gleichheit

quoteKein Begriff wird in letzter Zeit so sehr missbraucht und verdreht, wie der Begriff der Gleichheit, dass dabei regelmäßig entweder ein grundlegendes Missverständnis der Bedeutung von “Gleichheit” vorliegt oder eine Unfähigkeit, jenseits von Gruppen zu denken, kann man leicht nachvollziehen, wenn man liest, was Milton Friedman zu “Liberaslism and Egalitarianism” zu sagen hat.

“The heart of the liberal philosophy is a belief in the dignity of the individual, in his freedom to make the most of his capacities and opportunities according to his own lights, subject only to the proviso that he not interfere with the freedom of other individuals to do the same. This implies a belief in the equality of men in one sense; in their inequality in another. Each man has a equal right to freedom. This is an important and fundamental right precisely because men are different, because one man will want to do different things with his freedom than another, and in the process can contribute more than another to the general culture of the society in which many men live” (Milton Friedman; Capitalism and Freedom, p.195).